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Re: [casi] Newspaper Extracts

I think it's an important action to respond promptly to
these articles and get letters published. I've had at least two letters
published in the Guardian after these alerts. I think they respond
to 1) the volume of letters all on the same subject and 2) the
well-informed nature of the letters that we list-members can write.
If 20 letters arrive all saying ``the weapons inspectors were not
expelled by Iraq in 1998'' it has an effect. Also it is relatively
easy -- a quick pithy email letter takes a few minutes (though sometimes
it's hard to limit oneself to a single point when the whole article is a
mess of lies and immoral and racist assumptions, it makes publication
more likely if one can).

So please keep doing these alerts!

best wishes,
Fay Dowker

On Mon, 4 Mar 2002, Voices uk wrote:

> I've been unable to download Peter Brooke's summaries for quite some time so
> maybe there's been a large overlap there with stuff that I've posted. The
> rationale behind my recent posts (which have been confined to the British
> broadsheets) has been to encourage people to act by writing to the papers.
> Here time is of the essence and a delay of 2-3 days would render this
> material useless *for this purpose.* However, if there's a consensus amongst
> list members that they don't want this, I'm happy to stop these posts.
> Best wishes,
> Gabriel
> voices uk

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