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[casi] US weapons of mass destruction

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Thank you Peter Brooke for your thorough news scans including your comment
this evening:

  As the story stands at the present time, the United States is feverishly
  producing unimaginable quantities of weapons of mass destruction with the
  express intention of wiping out what is left of a country which for eleven
  years has been deprived of the means of providing for its own defense (and
  its own health and its own economy).
CASI members will know my particular concern about Depleted Uranium (DU)
in far larger weapons systems than previously acknowledged - from the 5,300
Maverick missiles used in 1991 (with 135 kg now suspected DU warheads)
to the 6,000+ guided weapons used in Afghanistan (with suspected DU
warheads ranging from 250 - 1500 kg).

The UK media blackout on the questions in my report DU weapons 2001-2002
at continues 100% solid - perhaps
to the great relief of the Government and MoD.

But yesterday the March issue of Le Monde Diplomatique broke this silence
with a review by Robert James Parsons - "The big lie about clean wars:
The reality  of Depleted Uranium weapons".

Maybe the English version will be published in the Guardian Weekly next

The guided weapons used in Afghanistan will be centre stage to any US
operations in Iraq.  We don't have to wait until the conflict starts.  Please widen
the analysis.  Afghanistan has dropped off the UK media agenda since
the bombing stopped.  But if DU has been used the real dying has only just

On 14-17 March the WHO will be holding a conference in Kandahar on
the subject of "Public Health after the war in Afghanistan".  At a press
conference in Geneva on Friday they were asked if they would include
DU hazards in their debates.  The answer was simply no.  The WHO
is constitutional obliged to defer to the IAEA in matters of public health
arising from radiation exposure.  CASI member know what this
means for the UN veto on thorough scientific analysis of the 10 years
on effects of DU weapons in Iraq.

ANY publicity you can give to the potential DU nightmare faced by
the population in Afghanistan just might get DU weapons back
onto the international media agenda.

All I ask is to know what is the mystery, dense metal, 2x the specific
gravity of steel and pyrophoric to incinerate suspected chemical
or biological weapons targets?  Such weapons of course will be
 essential in a new US campaign against suspected NBC targets
in Iraq, regardless that the radioactive contamination they may involve
will occur anyway, whether or not the targets are really factories
for "weapons of mass destruction".

The US and UK and Israel and French arms industries produce up
to 21 weapon systems (guided bombs, cruise missiles and sub-
munitions now strongly suspected of using DU warheads.  Some
of these have been exported to up to 30 countries in the last 10
years.  These are I suspect the countries that voted down the proposed
DU health study in Iraq in November 2001.

Never mind the spin and anti-Iraq propaganda in the media.
This issue is in our hands now with extensive research resources
from respected international organisations specialising in analysis
of the arms industry, and weapons manufacturers themselves.
See for yourselves at

One hope is that UK MPs will openly challenge the UK Government
to tell the truth about Depleted Uranium weapons, hazards,
precautions and contamination in Afghanistan in the Defence debate
scheduled for next Thursday, 7 March.

But NOTHING will happen in the UK Parliament or media unless
a few more voices than mine pursue this issue.  Its not a side show.
CASI members know the suspected DU genocide in Iraq.  Well it
continues I suspect through the Balkans and Afghanistan.

Slow death doesn't make headlines in the UK.  But it just might
if people realise that UK troops, media teams and aid agencies
have been at risk of this same irreversible radiation contamination.

News reports yesterday morning about UK and other governments efforts
to encourage Afghan refugees to return angered me.  The existence
DU contamination is known - a fact if Donald Rumsfeld's report of
16 January is believed - "elevated radiation due to depleted uranium
on some warheads".  HIs colleague referred to missile with depleted
uranium warheads captured from the Taliban in December.

BUT according to most international arms websites NO missiles use
DU warheads - except for Jane's Defence last year that "some guided
weapons use depleted uranium to increase the penetration effect".

All these sources are available in my report published on 31 January
and sent to UN agencies, the media and last week again to the UK

Time is so short - for the people of Afghanistan and Iraq alike.

I am 90% sure that the US is using a wide range of depleted uranium
weapons.  A GBU-28 Bunker Buster guided bomb may contain up to
1.5 tons of DU.  This is partially processed nuclear waste.  Its use
must render these weapons to be "weapons of indisciminate effect"
in the meaning of articles 35 and 55 of the first protocol additional
to the Geneva Conventions.

Never mind Iraq's "maybe" weapons of mass destruction.  The US
are leaders in the field of every type of weapon of mass destruction
and indiscriminate effect.  With DU they may have massively
miscalculated.  They have convinced themselves, through transparently
flawed "scientific" research e.g. by the RAND Corporation that
"DU is Safe".  From here is a very short step to using it in a whole
new generation of weapons, and a shorter step to using these
weapons in Iraq, the Balkans and Afghanistan.

The psychology involved is called "group-think" (Janis, 1977, 1983)
- the madness of war that renders politicians and generals
vulnerable to shared delusions that they are invulnerable, their
truth the only truth, and to reject any data or views that suggest
otherwise (see link on page 136 of the report).  Unfortunately US
group think is transferred seamlessly to the MoD and UK Government.
So if 100 tons of DU has been used in Afghanistan they will feel
no guilt or shame.  Rather worse they will sabotage any and every
moral or scientific attempt to expose the truth.

I go on too long - sorry.  But these things must be said.  And the Net
is the only channel for uncensored communication in this time
of war.  Most grateful if you can comment, criticise or spread the
questions asked in the DU report.  Such an international debate just
might alter the balance of forces for and against another war on

in friendship and concern for peace

Dai Williams
Eos, Woking, Surrey, UK

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