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[casi] [1] Sevan's report [2] Iraqi refugee aid inflated?

[1] The URL for Sevan's report is <>.  It's too 
long to post, but Sevan's  conclusion is unusually blunt:

"The work of the Security Council Committee has bogged down almost to a standstill; one could say - 
without any hesitation - that the work of the Committee is paralyzed with numerous issues awaiting 
action for long periods of time.  There is a need for a serious review of the workings of the 
Committee in order to bring about the necessary adjustments commensurate with the challenges to be 
met in ensuring the effective implementation of the programme.  Unless this is carried out, and 
carried out most urgently, the effective implementation of the programme may grind to a halt.  We 
already are witnessing major cracks in our capacity to implement the programme effectively, with so 
many political and procedural hurdles, compounded by substantial drop in revenues available for 
programme implementation.

I should like to appeal to all concerned to safeguard the distinct humanitarian identity of the 
programme which has, unfortunately, been over-politicized and increasingly overshadowed by, as well 
as embroiled in the current political atmosphere.   It is essential for all to bear in mind that 
whatever decisions are taken, they will have major implications on the daily lives of the civilian 
population of Iraq."

[2] Regarding the raids against money transfer agents servicing Iraqi refugees, the estimate I 
cited* ("$6-7 billion in such transfers occurring annually ...") is almost certainly inflated.  Two 
reasons for doubting the estimate:

First, Al-Shafei claims use by 80-90% of Iraqi refugees in America, but handled only around 
$15-million in 1999 and 2000.

Second, the latest Economist (Feb-23, p. 41) puts remittances from Latin American refugees at 
$15-billion annually, but this flows from a vastly larger refugee population (15-million people in 
the US alone).

* <>

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