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Important changes to the discussion list

Changes to the CASI discussion list

Dear list member,

We are changing the system used to run the CASI discussion list (and also
CASI's announcements lists). This emails explains the changes and their
reasons. I'll get the essential bits out of the way first and tell you
when you can stop reading if you're really busy!


* Existing list members will be transferred to the new list system. You do
not have to do anything to stay on the list.

* The new address for posting messages to the discussion list is  (the old address should continue to work,
but please update your address book to use the new address)

* There is a new method for unsubscribing/subscribing, via the web. You
can manage your subscription via using the
Mailman system. There is a password associated with your account
(initially set to a random one) to stop other people interfering with your
subscription. But don't worry, this isn't one more thing to remember: you
can have your password emailed to you by pressing the "Email my password
to me" button on the "Unsubscribe or change subscription options" page. It
will also be emailed to you once a month as a reminder. If you have any
difficulties using the web-based system, just contact and a human will deal with you!

* I have taken every precaution to ensure that the transition to the new
list server goes smoothly, but please bear with me during any teething
trouble. I may force all postings to be moderated for the first few days,
to prevent any accidents. If you think something's gone wrong, email me
and not the whole list.

OK, that's the end of the essential info. Busy folk can stop reading here
- the rest is for those who want to know why this move is being made and
some more details about the new system.


Reasons for moving to the new list server:

 * Users can (un)subscribe on their own. This benefits both list members
(you can (un)subscribe instantly), and CASI, because the old system
required the list manager to manually process each request in a tedious
and time-consuming way.

 * Automatic stripping of attachments, enforcing the "no attachments"
rule. This dramatically reduces the risk of transmission of a virus to
list members, and avoids accidental clogging up of inboxes with massive

 * Distribution of only the plain-text part of dual-format plain-text +
HTML postings. This reduces the storage space taken up by messages and,
combined with the previous point, reduces risk of virus transmission
through the list to nearly zero. [I recommend setting your email client to
send plain text emails in any case.]

 * Users can opt for a "digest mode" whereby they receive each day's
postings collected into a single message rather than one by one.

 * "[casi]" tag added to subject lines to clearly identify messages from
the list

 * Automatic management of 'bouncing' addresses, another big time-saver
for the list manager.

Best wishes,

Seb, CASI.

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