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striking Iraq

Title: striking Iraq

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The scenarios of striking Iraq

Iraq-USA, Politics, 2/20/2002
The Kuwaiti paper al-Seyasah said in its Monday's issue, according to Gulf diplomatic sources that the scenarios of the American military strike of Iraq have become clear and agreed upon.

According to the same sources, the paper added that the strike, if it takes place, will be according to two of these scenarios. The first states to use 50,000 American troopers of three air, mechanical and naval contingents to direct a rapid blow to the heart of the central rule in Baghdad in order to topple Iraqi President Saddam Hussein's regime, immediately.

The second scenario states to send a land force of 200,000 soldiers to cross the southern borders towards Baghdad supported by the American eighteenth air band and these forces will work for getting the contingents of the Iraqi Republican guards from the battlefield during the first days of the war.

The paper indicated that Saudi Arabia and Turkey will be alienated from taking part in this war directly because of their internal conditions, while Kuwait might play the role of Pakistan in the war in Afghanistan, Jordan to play the role of Tajakistan and Uzbekstan as a an American warehouse for the reserve troops and weapons in an attempt also to alienate the Israelis out of this game.
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