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US bans Iraq travel

Title: US bans Iraq travel

Subj:   [iac-disc.] Re-Ban on use of US passports for travel to Iraq    
Date:   2/20/2002 6:35:57 AM Pacific Standard Time  
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The State Dept. gave the reason for banning American citizens to travel
as follows:-
"There is imminent danger to the public health and/or physical safety of
US travelers."

The true reason is that Iraq invited all Iraqis resident abroad or
previously held the Iraqi nationality and
their families to attend a conference for Iraqi expatriates at Baghdad
on 6-10 April 2002. In addition to
several visits to Iraqi sites, the conference debates a variety of
What makes the State Dept. worry is that Iraqi Americans would witness
the miseries confronted by the
Iraqi people since the sanctions were imposed. Therefore, the real
reason for travel ban is to avoid these
US citizens to see and then report the truth about the sanctions when
they return to the USA.

On the other hand the Pentagon is developing a major covert news and
disinformation campaign to help
Washington win propaganda war against terrorism and the Moslem
World(Iraq included). The plan is being elaborated by the Office of
Strategic Influence(OSI). It is headed by air force general, Brigadier
General Simon Worden advised by the Washington Communications
Consultancy, the Rendon Group.
The main target is the Islamic countries of the mid-east and Asia but
also directed at Western Europe, where criticism has mounted in recent
weeks of the Bush administration's strategy to fight terrorism.
Well friends:-

It seems we are back to the Vietnam War era and all the lies and
manipulations which went with it..!

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