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Further Nobel details

Further re the Nobel nominations for the B1 and B2 bombers. best, f.

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TAKE ACTION! Protest the Nomination of George W. Bush and Tony Blair for
Nobel Peace Prize

They say that satire died when Henry Kissinger was awarded the Nobel Peace
Prize, but if a Right-wing Norwegian MP has his way, the Nobel committee
will be spitting on its grave.

Harald Tom Nesvik, a member of the Norwegian Parliament from the Right-wing
Party of Progress, has nominated U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair and U.S.
President George W. Bush for the Nobel Peace Prize for "decisive action
against terrorism, something I believe in the future will be the greatest
threat to peace." According to the provisions of Nobel, the winner of the
Nobel Peace Prize "shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity
between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and
for the holding and promotion of peace congresses."

Tony Blair has ordered more military actions than any U.K. leader since
World War II, with at least one military action every year since 1998.
George W. Bush has urged budgets massively increasing the size and funding
of the U.S. standing military, continued and deepened U.S. military aid for
the on-going civil war in Colombia and Israeli military occupation of
Palestine, and initiated a war not only against Afghanistan, but an
undefined, open-ended "War on Terrorism" which administration officials
daily threaten to expand to other nations such Iran, North Korea, and Iraq.
Vice President Dick Cheney told the Washington Post that the campaign of
warfare the President has launched "may never end. At least, not in our
lifetimes." Both Bush and Blair have refused to work with multilateral
consultation and diplomacy through peace congresses, with Bush's refusal
to secure UN Security Council approval before initiating the war in
Afghanistan, and Blair's refusal to place the British troops occupying
Sierra Leone under the command of United Nations Peacekeeping forces.

Urge the Nobel Institute to reject the nomination of Tony Blair and
George W. Bush. Reckless and ever-expanding pursuit of war is not peace,
and awarding the Peace Prize for massive world-wide military campaigns
would be a slap in the face of peace and justice activists world wide.

For more Bush and Blair's nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize, see:,3604,645075,00.html

To take action, go to:

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