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Call for UNITY

Dear Friends,
             as you may have already have read the USA
is planning an invasion of Iraq.

Any attempts by the USA to invade Iraq has got to be
opposed because of the destruction and genocide that
has already occured as a result of the policies laid
down by the "allied" forces from the Gulf War.

Since then, the USA along with their followers in the
British government have carried through a mass policy
of genocide through the sanctions and the almost daily
bombing of the country which has destroyed most of the
countries infrastructure.

Felicity Arbouthnot described Iraq, in 1998 at the
Fire Brigade Union the Silent Holocaust conference as
"being turned from a concentration camp into a death
camp".  This was in direct response to the deaths of
over 6,000 children per month as a result of
sanctions.  This figure may even exclude the deaths of
children who are killed from the constant bombing
campaigns and even from the increases in cancers which
is believed to have been brought on by the use of
Depleted Uranium by Western troops in the Gulf War.

The Coalition Against Sanctions and War on Iraq which
is based in the North West of England believes that a
broader coalition of forces needs to brought into
being to prevent any possible invasion of the country.
 Our anger must now be directed at those who intend on
creating even further instability within the Middle
East because any invasion of Iraq will only lead to
even more destruction.

We the people can help prevent further genocide of the
Iraqi people by standing together and by rememberring
that those who are planning this invasion are the same
people that are killing over 6,000 children per month
and having been bombing the civilians of one country
for over ten years!

The next meeting of the Coalition Against Sanctions
and War on Iraq is meeting on Wednesday 20th Feb, 
7-30pm and is meeting at the Friends Meeting House in
Manchesters City Centre. We would like to invite those
who are wanting to end the killing of the Iraqi people
to come along and join us in this call.  For more
information please call the Chair on 0161 286 7950 or
e-mail the Coalition:

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