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No comment ..

Title: No comment ..

Subject: Saddam discusses toppling Bush (for acting badly)

Here's a "slightly" doctored version of an AP story available from the
URL below. Only the names have been changed to show the absurdity of the

altered from:

Saddam Hussein discusses toppling Bush

President says Iraq may act unilaterally in deposing U.S. leader

February 7, 2002


BAGHDAD -- President Saddam Hussein is considering "a full range of
options" for removing George W. Bush as president, Hussein said Wednesday.

"Iraq might have to do it alone," Hussein said at a press briefing.

The U.S. is working on developing even more nuclear weapons, and its
refusal to admit international arms inspectors prompted Hussein to consider "the
most serious set of options that one might imagine," he said.

Hussein has denounced the U.S. for barring U.N. weapons inspectors for
more than five decades and named the country as part of an "axis of evil"
that includes Israel and the U.K.

"I am leaving no stone unturned as to what I might do" if Bush does not
reverse course, Hussein told reporters.

He declined to say whether he was considering a military assault on
U.S., or additional economic and diplomatic pressures.

Most Arab governments and some Iraq allies in Europe have cautioned
Hussein against a military assault on the U.S.

"We still believe Bush should move on," Hussein said. "The people of the U.S. deserve better leadership."

The U.S. has remained bent on developing additional nuclear weapons, Hussein
said, adding Iraqi intelligence had concluded the U.S. was a year or more
away from its goal of total world domination.

Hussein said the U.S. had to accept U.N. weapons inspectors, and there
was nothing to discuss otherwise.

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