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Powell Senate Testimony Excerpts (As Prepared - 5 Feb 02)

Secretary of State Colin L. Powell, testimony (as prepared), budget hearing,
Senate Foreign Relations Committee, 5 February 2002,


...We have not forgotten about Russian abuse of human rights in Chechnya,
Moscow’s nuclear proliferation to Iran, or Russian intransigence with
respect to revision of Iraq sanctions.

...With regard to Iraq, that country remains a significant threat to the
region’s stability. We are working at the UN and elsewhere to strengthen
international controls on Iraq. In the last year, we successfully stopped
the free fall of sanctions and began to rebuild United Nations Security
Council consensus on Iraq. The UNSC unanimously adopted resolution 1382 in
November, committing itself to implement the central element of "smart
sanctions" by May 30 of this year. This central element, or Goods Review
List (GRL), identifies materials UNSC members must approve for export to
Iraq and ensures continued supervision and control over dual-use goods. Its
implementation will effectively lift economic sanctions on purely civilian
trade and focus controls on arms, especially WMD. This will further
strengthen support for UN controls by showing the international community
that Saddam Hussein, not the UN and not the U.S., is responsible for the
humanitarian plight of the Iraqi people. We are working with the Russians to
get final agreement on the GRL.

At the end of the day, we have not ruled out other options with respect to
Iraq. We still believe strongly in regime change in Iraq and we look forward
to the day when a democratic, representative government at peace with its
neighbors leads Iraq to rejoin the family of nations.


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