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Powell Senate Testimony Excerpts (As Delivered - 5 Feb 02)

Secretary of State Colin L. Powell, testimony (as delivered), budget
hearing, Senate Foreign Relations Committee, 5 February 2002,


...We raise proliferation activities to countries such as Iran, or Russian
intransigence with respect to the sanctions policy for Iraq. And there has
been considerable progress on that issue, and we can discuss that in greater
detail when we get to the question and answer period, with respect to moving
to smart sanctions.

...With regard to another trouble spot that occupies much of our
attention--Iraq--that country remains a significant threat to the regions'
stability. We are working at the UN and elsewhere to strengthen
international controls. We stopped the free fall of the sanctions regime. We
got the Security Council back together. We are working hard to come up with
the smart sanctions that we think are appropriate and we will not stop in
that effort. And I am confident, very confident, that by the end of this six
month sanctions period we will be able to implement smart sanctions in a way
that all members of the Security Council will be able to abide with.

There was reporting this morning that the Iraqi regime has asked the UN to
have a discussion. It should be a very short discussion. The inspectors have
to go back in under our terms, under no one else's terms. Under the terms of
the Security Council resolution, the burden is upon this evil regime to
demonstrate to the world that they are not doing the kinds of things we
suspect them of. And if they aren't doing these things, then it is beyond me
why they do not want the inspectors in to do whatever is necessary to
establish that such activities are not taking place.


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