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HYPOCROSY RULES - US is Iraq's biggest oil buyer

thanks to Sandeep Vaidya - Ireland Against Sanctiond.


   Iraqi oil exports to US surged in 2001

NICOSIA, Feb 2 (AFP) - Iraq's oil exports to the United States surged
during 2001 under the United Nations programme
  despite political antagonism, the Middle East Economic Survey (MEES)

   Exports of the two main Iraqi crudes, Basrah Light and Kirkuk, rose
substantially over 2000, the Cyprus-based industry
   newsletter says in its February 4 edition.

   For Basrah Light, 79 percent of liftings went to North America in 2001
compared with 58 percent in the previous year, MEES
   said. And 31 percent of Kirkuk liftings were exported to the United
States compared with just four percent in 2000.

   MEES noted that Iraqi oil exports to the Far East fell in 2001, but gave
no explanation.

   Iraq exported an average 1.7 million barrels of oil per day in 2001
under the UN oil-for-food scheme set up in 1996 to
   soften the impact of UN sanctions imposed on Baghdad for invading Kuwait
in 1990.

   It allows Baghdad to export crude oil under strict UN supervision and to
use part of the revenue to import food, medicine
   and other necessities.


Campaign to End Iraq Sanctions - Ireland

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