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Re: Wanted: More exagerated claims from defectors ...

Title: Wanted: More exagerated claims from defectors ...
The question of defectors, political asylum seekers has to be looked at in the light of the following personal observation:
1- Sanctions have created a tremendous economic hard ship to all the people of Iraq. North, Central, and South.
2- Medical and educational services were greatly effected.
3- Sanctions have lasted much longer than any one could imagine.
4- The above three have resulted in many many people to seek a better life overseas.
5- Europe and the rest of the western world do not accept economic immigration.
6- The easiest and probably the only way open to those people was to seek political asylum in the west. The climate is right.
7- To qualify for such status they invented endless stories, produced forged documents, bribed immigration translators..
8- Even the immigration "detention" camps are more comfortable than their "homes" plus the fact that they get paid more money in the detention camps than they make at home. In fact some came back from detention centers "rich"
9- Once their asylum is accepted they will have to continue their "anti Saddam" rhetoric fearing that they may be asked to leave. Remember what is happening to the Afghan refugees in Australia, After 5 years in the detention center they are being kicked out because Taliban is no longer rule Afghanistan ! 
10- Some political asylum seekers I know took a leave from their government jobs left to Jordan leaving their families in a government subsidized housing!. His family continued to occupy the house till he obtained his political asylum. My friend claimed he did not know a single English word (he is an engineer and studied 14 years of engilish) so they had to get him a translator who was paid handsomely to direct and/or  miss translate my friend's claims. Some of them are accused of criminal charges, like robbery, issuing checks with no fund....
11- My wife is a Kurdish doctor and we travel each year to the north to see my in-laws. Each year I see less and less of her extended family because they have taken political asylum in Europe. The Question is: The Kurds have the safe heavens, the no fly zone, and are outside the control of Saddam Hussein yet they are the most eager to immigrate( and since that is impossible they apply for political asylum). I know that some EU members do not grant political asylums to Kurds for that reason. A new trick take a fake ID that they are from the south (Shia) and that will make you a persecuted person!
12- Those high ranking intelligence officers as well as the director of military intelligence service (the defectors) were the instrument of the regime. It goes without say that they have participated one way or the other in the persecution of innocent people they claim that Saddam has killed. Instead of being questioned by the western authorities about the crimes they committed, when they were serving the regime, they are presented to us by the west as the champions of democracy, or is it dumb-cracy!
13- I am in no way defending the government and I am in no way criticizing the asylum seekers they want the best for their families. All I am saying is that take their stories with a "grain of salt".
14- The west is free to believe in any thing they want, distorting fact as they please in the end I have to decide, for example, whether Ghallabi is a thief and embezzler of Al-Perta bank or he is the LEADER of the western backed INC. If he is the BEST the west could offer us then god help the west!
Ghazwan Al-Mukhtar
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Sent: Thursday, January 31, 2002 5:40 PM
Subject: Wanted: More exaggerated claims from defectors ...

Ritter's recent observation regarding unverified defector reports is well-taken.  Two extreme examples that come to mind are reports of Saddam's squad of belly-dancing assassins (TheTimes), and of a 1989 nuclear test beneath Lake Rezazza (BBC2).

And today in the NYTimes, Safire notes in passing the presence of a bio-weapons lab in a Baghdad hospital's basement.

Any other defector's tall tales that come to mind?  Such annecdotes will be useful in puncturing this gossip masquerading as news ...  I sympathize deeply with those attempting to leave Saddam's Iraq, but it needs to be clear that such reports aren't casus belli.

Thanks in advance,

P.S. - No need to hunt down the citation ... annecdote and timeframe will suffice ...  Non-Iraqi defector claims welcomed, also ...

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