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envy: attempt at laughter about colonialism and slavery

dear friends,
in an interview with books editor bill goldstein , the historian 
bernard lewis discussed his "what went wrong? western impact and middle east 
response" and made an argument for a case of envy by the middle east of 
western advances and  culture. i envied his insight as he gave as examples 
how the middle east lost its historic advantage in the development of coffee 
and sugar cane agriculture when the western nations figured out how to grow 
these " their plantations abroad." ...beautiful!! i wondered why he left 
out egyptian cotton and the american plantations or was that not "just as 
evil" slavery...i envy his acumen. given my envious nature, i am relieved he 
is not a pianist, after all, as the sagacious dr.freud said, " ....a cigar is 
just  a cigar".
item 2.
the great grantland rice immortalized in american sports lore the backfield 
of the great  notre dame football team of the 20's as the " four horsemen of 
the apocalypse". sadly we now return that allusion to john and to its proper  
biblical imperative:
    the four horsemen are alive , unwell and "just as evil" in washington, happier times i could easily and poetically parody all four as we 
have come to know them well: BUSH, CHENEY, RUMSFELD, RICE. i would then laugh 
...i, instead, am afraid. 
my best, 
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