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friends _ I know not from where this came, but the source seems to be 
Pravda. Best, f.

Date: Thu, Jan 24, 2002, 4:01 pm

may only be speculation, but...
> The USA is getting ready to make Iraq the second
> target after
> Afghanistan during the process of the global
> anti-terrorist operation. (article 1)
> The USA is getting ready to make Iraq the second
> target after Afghanistan during the process of the
> global anti-terrorist operation. Experts say, the
> Americans will attack Iraq not earlier, than around
> the middle or the end of February. Debka, the news
> services, informed that the American pursuit planes
> and the bombing planes will be dispatched in Kuwait,
> in Sinai and in the Israeli Negeva. The command of
> the Third US Army, with Paul Mikolashek at the head,
> has moved from Fort McPherson to Kuwait. Israel is
> becoming one of the main supporting points during
> the attack on Iraq, the ammunition depots have been
> arranged in the central and southern parts of the
> country. The American ships have been delivering a
> lot of protection devices from gas, chemical,
> biological attacks since the beginning of December
> of the past year.
> The Third US Army consists of nine divisions; 75
> thousand soldiers are going to be dispatched to the
> Iraqi front by the beginning of February. The
> campaign in Iraq will apparently differ from what
> the world was watching in Afghanistan. There will be
> at least seven countries involved in the war against
> Saddam Hussein's regime: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait,
> Bahrein, Jordan, Israel, Germany, Lebanon, and
> Turkey. Turkey, Gremany, Jordan, and Lebanon are
> supposed to directly participate in the army
> actions, like the Pentagon officials say.
> The first goal of the American strike is the Iraqi
> political and army centers. May of them are hidden
> deep under the ground, that is why the Americans
> will try to get them out of there with the help of
> their bombs. The Turkish troops will start the land
> operation in the north of Iraq during the second
> stage of the operation. Debka did not inform on the
> way, how the Iraqi Kurds and the Turkish military
> men are going to get along with each other, but the
> negotiations on the subject have been reportedly
> started.
> The third strike stipulates for the participation of
> the elite infantry troops and the commandos of the
> USA, Israel, and Jordan. They will destroy the large
> concentration of the Iraqi troops, the planes on the
> vast territory in the central and northern parts of
> Iraq.
> The special units of the allied countries are
> supposed to attack and then leave the hotspot,
> without the lingering battles. As Debka reported,
> that tactics was caused by the latest information of
> the American intelligence, which said that Saddam
> Hussein carefully analyzed the war in the Persian
> Gulf of 1991 and the current war in Afghanistan. He
> ordered to divide the most effective military groups
> into the small ones, dispersing them all over Iraq.
> The numerous food depots have already been prepared
> for those groups. The Americans have the
> information, which says that the units of the Iraqi
> republican army have the new light laser weapon,
> which is meant for blinding and burning the human
> skin. The Iraqi soldiers are going to use that
> weapon against the American pilots of the low-flying
> aircraft, since Saddam perfectly realizes that the
> airspace will belong to the Americans from the first
> minute of the new war. The Iraqi troops have already
> used such weapon before - in the war with Iran. The
> Iraqi army also has the chemical weapon, the
> Americans do not know the exact nature and scope of
> it. Iraq is ready for that war, and this makes the
> Americans delay its beginning.
> The Pentagon decided to begin the operation in the
> north of Iraq, because there was a large underground
> complex located there - almost like a town for the
> Iraqi administration. The underground town was
> originally meant for storing the bombs and
> explosives, but then Saddam ordered to build
> tunnels, roads, living quarters, army headquarters
> there. The entire complex is meant for the
> government of Iraq in case of the attack against the
> country.
> The Americans are going to use bombs and missiles
> against that underground town - the same, which were
> dropped on al-Qaeda's caves in Afghanistan. As the
> USA believes, the destruction of the underground
> town will be enough for the central headquarters to
> lose the command of the army.
> Sergey Borisov

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