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Re: Eleven years after the Gulf War-What's really behind U.S. hostility towar...

Thank you Dirk for the article giving background to Iraq which I found very interesting.  However, I would like to clarify some rules.  I am a member of the list mostly in order to gain information rather than being a contributor, so although I don't write often, I do read everything and I am much better informed since I have been a member; thank you all for this.  I first impression was that the list was for information relating to sanctions only.  My own personal feeling was that this is a pity, as the contributors to the list have such a wide range of knowledge on Iraq.  But I do see some things which a lot of people post and respond to which are definitely not sanctions - for example, the gassing of Kurds, the effects of DU, and Dirk's background posted today.   So I am not clear exactly what is restricted, and what isn't.  Obviously sanctions, violence and war involving Iraq are all linked, how wide is the range of subjects which can be posted? I expect like many people who are members of the list, I do use the knowledge which I gain from the list in other forums, so the more I gain, the more the plight of Iraqis can be broadcast within my own circle.  
Also, I can understand that if I was a contributor with a lot of knowledge, I would want to clarify and correct inaccurate information which has been posted.   However, my role is as a "parasite", I don't have enough information (yet!) to join in the discussions.  When the arguments run on and people almost "bicker" I personally sometimes cannot follow all of the detail, nor figure out exactly what the end conclusion is; I am left feeling confused.  Also sometimes the criticism seems a bit personal - but maybe you do know each other well if you've been contributing for a long time, so it isn't upsetting.   I know this is a discussion list and so I see the point of detailed clarification by between "friends", but it makes me me feel sorry for someone who seems heavily criticised.  Are there any rules relating to this?   
I do enjoy very much being a member, and I hope that in time I will be able to contribute a lot more myself.

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