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Brooks Article in Guardian

Thanks to Glen to the heads-up on the Geraldine Brooks article in the
Guardian.  I sent the following letter to the Guardian in response.  As a
relative newcomer to CASI, I emailed to the discussion list a copy of my
letter to the wrong address!  Since Peter Brooke also includes Geraldine
Brooks' article in his latest news (a great roundup), I'm trying again:  

To the Editor:

In her article "We Must Attack Iraq and Free Its People" (January 9),
Geraldine Brooks offers some poignant examples of the tragedies besetting
ordinary Iraqis.    She is right to call them "crimes."  Acts of war would
involve open and declared armed conflict between states or nations.

At least inside the United States, Americans do not bomb the hometowns of
rapists but rather arrest them for the crime of rape and try them in court.
Most Americans recognize sadists as sick:  the U.S. Government did not level
the neighborhood of Jeffrey Dahmer  when he was caught torturing hapless
boys and eating them.  Dahmer was captured, tried and sent to prison.  

The rule of law is embedded in the Constitution of the United States.  Why,
then, does not the current Bush administration (and why did not the previous
administrations of Clinton and Bush Sr.) make use of the World Court or an
International Criminal Court?   Because, if the U.S. recognized the
International Criminal Court, it would be subject to its laws as well, which
means that Iraq could bring the U.S. to court for its crime, for instance,
of depriving its civilian population of clean water.  Bombing is so much


Suzy T. Kane
El Prado, New Mexico, USA


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