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Re: Beyond political agendas.

This seems to be my day for railing off. Tell: 'patience and stickability'
for world change to the mother of a dying child - to 'some mother's child,
brother, father' for want of, say a supply of insulin in a jiffy bag -weight
a few grammes - sent to a diabetic in Iraq by his borther. Returned by Post
Office : Export License needed. Brother died before licence arrived.
Patience indeed. Of the grave. The serious bombing of the Gulf war started
11 years ago tomorrow - let us all reflect on that horrific patience, which
has killed - depending on the number crunching, certainly three times those
who died in that slaughter and possibly ten, as a result of the silent
slaughter of the embargo. How long can this abboration of our 'civilised',
'patient' values be allowed to decimate no one's combatants. warmest, f.

>From: "Bert Gedin" <>
>Subject: Beyond political agendas.
>Date: Wed, Jan 16, 2002, 5:12 pm

> Ms Winkler,
> Profuse apols for the delay - I hadn't forgotten.
> You may be right, that diplomats/policymakers etc., whether from the
> U.S.(organ-grinder) or U.K.(monkey) "follow a line", thereby possibly being
> - to put it politely - "time-wasters". Sometimes it may be more
> purposeful to converse with a brick wall!
> You state your case, in various matters, quite eloquently - nothing much for
> me to add. But I slam the brakes on when you start discussing sanctions.
> Quite so, not even His Holiness has succeeded in getting sanctions lifted.
> But people, such as ourselves, as well as religious or political leaders
> etc., need patience & "stickability", and not to forget the long-term view
> (a sense of vision). People were grumbling, during the Roman Empire,
> thinking their glorious Caesars would rule forever. That was mistaken,
> although not much consolation if you're about to be fed to the lions!
> Anti-sanction campaigning, obviously, needs to continue ("Never say
> never!"), and, yes, some organisations or individuals, even governments, may
> well try to "break" sanctions, e.g. by purchasing dates from worker's
> co-operatives in Iraq. It's not enough, though, I believe, to be
> over-preoccupied with fighting symptoms of the cancer -one also requires a
> holistic view of what - in the political realm - health is all about, and
> this as something to aspire to.
> None of us, possibly, have the "ideal" solution. Much remains to be done at
> a multitude of levels, education, politics, economy, trade unions, Churches
> & Temples etc., science, media etc., etc., etc. Yet, if we do see a need for
> compassion, in the world, do we not owe it to each other to manifest that we
> are really serious about righting the wrongs everywhere around us?
> Bert.
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This is a discussion list run by the Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq
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