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Re: FW: INOC report

Dear Felicity and all,

You're absolutely right - number crunching over dead children is
distasteful. We all know children are dying and that it must stop.

The point I make - and I think Colin makes too - is that we are dealing,
in the UK and US governments, the UK press and UK public opinion, with
adversaries that do not share this viewpoint. They want convincing on an
intellectual not an emotional level, and yes they *do* ask
distasteful questions  - how many have died, are they dying less now than
before, how many would have died without sanctions. We can't counter this
only by saying 'even one extra death is too many' because they don't
believe that this is true. By refusing to engage in the issue
intellectually, it gives them license to discredit us as irrational and
unrealistic with our heads in the clouds.

But this is not the same as saying that we should not use emotional
campaigning. Nowhere do Colin et al ever say that in campaigning it is
wrong to describe the horror of watching a child die. Your talks and
articles, Felicity, are brilliant - they hit straight to the heart and are
what inspired us to get CASI going in the first place.

What there is definitely no room for, however, is people quoting
inaccurate statistics claiming that they are 'official' - all that this
does is turn us into sitting ducks.


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