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Re: Halabja

Message text written by "Bert Gedin"
>DAVID MELLOR, then a Foreign Office minister (+ Secretary to the
was visiting Baghdad at the time. Within a month Defense Minister Tony 
Newton had returned to Baghdad to offer, on behalf of the British Thatcher 
government 340 million in export credits. <

It would be extraordinary for Hansard to be so wrong and I suspect some
serious misquotation here which, judging by the language, could be by based
on some American source! As I have reported separately David Mellor (who
was Minister of State at the FCO at the time) visited Baghdad on 24-25
February. I repeat that he was not there at the time of the attack on
Halabja on 16 March. Tony Newton, who was Minister for Trade NOT "Defense
Minister", did not return within a month to offer an enhanced line of
credit. Tony Newton visted the Baghdad International Trade Fair  on 5-7
November 1988, after the Iran/Iraq war had ended. As far as I remember the
enhanced line of credit had already been announced.

Terence Clark
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