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Re: Halabja

Message text written by "farbuthnot"
>Could Sir Terence kindly confirm the exact dates of David Mellor's visit
Iraq and with whom he met, accompanied by Sir Terence (presumably this will
be in the public domain, since the tax payer was paying - oddly I can't
trace anywhere - but am an ackonowledged computer illiterate.) Also if
was any British interest brief regarding their companies and whether arms
any sort, or other interests involved. kindest, felicity arbuthnot.<

He was in Baghdad on 24 and 25 February 1988 and saw the President, the
Deputy Prime Minister and the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Oil and Trade.
I no longer recall the details but as is normal on such visits he would
have been briefed over the whole range of our relations with Iraq,
including trade. Indeed I remember that I also arranged a meeting for him
with the British businessmen resident in Iraq, for which he would have had
a trade brief. He certainly would not have come with a brief to promote
arms sales since that would have been totally contrary to British policy at
that time.

Terence Clark 
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