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Press launch invite for Council for the Advancement of Arab-British Understanding

Dear list members,

I forward an invitation to attend the launch of a new fundraising drive for
the Council for the Advancement of Arab-British Understanding (CAABU).
CAABU has a broad and topical mandate, to foster Arab-British understanding.
Within this, CAABU has become one of the most concerned and active UK NGOs
on the issue of Iraq.  It has hosted at least two roundtable discussions
with Hans von Sponeck alone, large group meetings with Foreign Office
ministers and has organised, with Save the Children UK, briefings on Iraq
for MPs and Lords.  Their newsletters have kept readers informed of Iraq
developments.  On a more personal scale, in 1999, CAABU became one of the
first broad NGOs to befriend CASI, something that I remember with deep

I have only just learned that they are in financial difficulty.  This
surprised me as I had imagined that any organisation that was playing as
important a role as they are would naturally have been financially
appreciated.  The news was even more surprising at a time in which CAABU's
work is particularly vital and obvious, with differences in perspective
between the Arab and the British worlds threatening to grow.  In this
environment, it is rare that a week goes by without a letter to the press
appearing from CAABU, trying to hold a middle ground.

I would urge list members supportive of CAABU's work, either in Iraq or more
broadly, to lend their support to CAABU now.

Yours sincerely,

Colin Rowat

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-----Original Message-----
From: Chris Doyle []
Sent: Friday, January 11, 2002 10:29 AM
To: Chris Doyle
Subject: Press launch invite

Press Conference:

15 January 2002
Council for the Advancement of Arab-British Understanding
21 Collingham Road
London SW5 0NU

The Council for the Advancement of Arab-British Understanding (CAABU) would
like to invite you to a press launch of a new fund-raising drive to save the

CAABU is a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving relations at all
levels between Britain and the Arab World. It is unique in Europe, having
been set in as far back as 1967. The Council's work is varied - from
briefing British Ministers and politicians, holding seminars and public
meetings and giving talks at colleges and schools around the country.

After the events of 11 September, the Council's vital work has never been
needed more as the gulf of misunderstanding has clearly widened. According
to one recent opinion poll, 83 per cent of the British population knows
little or nothing about Islam. The Arab community both here and in the Arab
World feels tainted by the actions of the extremist minority. Their
legitimate fears and concerns about many issues such as Palestine must not
be ignored.

CAABU wishes to embark on an ambitious long-term strategy to try to reverse
these negative trends, above all through education.

To implement this, the organisation needs serious and sustainable funding.

However, at present the Council is fast depleting its reserves. By April
2002, unless funds have been raised the organisation faces closure. This
would be a savage blow to attempts to try to give Arabs a voice in British
political and public life. With this in mind there will be fund-raising
visits to the Arab world in the near future.

The Press launch will be held at CAABU, 21 Collingham Road, London SW5 0NU
at 11.00am on 15 January 2002. Speakers will include the CAABU chairman,
Robert Jackson MP, Dr Ghada Karmi (CAABU Vice-Chair) and Sir Cyril Townsend,
CAABU Director.

Please let Chris Doyle know if you can attend. Private interviews can be
arranged on request. More information about the organisation is available on
the CAABU website -

Chris Doyle
11 January 2002

Chris Doyle
Council for the Advancement of Arab-British Understanding
21 Collingham Road
London SW5 0NU
Tel: 020 7373 8414
Fax: 020 7835 2088
Mobile 07968 040 281
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work for the time being.

The contents of this message may contain personal views which are not the
views of CAABU, unless specifically stated.

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