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Halabjah & political agendas.

Dear Philippa Winkler & All,
Philippa, is it really feasible to debate ALL evils, every time one deals 
with a single misdeed? Doesn't that spell out cerebral overload?
Like blinkered horses, as not to be distracted, we, too, need to be focused. 
This website, as I understand, is about Iraq, since the Gulf War, with 
various implications. It would be preposterous, for us, to be dealing with 
all global problems, since the beginnings of history, however strong the 
No-one, I hope, is saying it's easy to persuade those mongering in warfare 
that their deeds result in untold suffering, and death, for
thousands, frequently innocent of any alleged crimes. But what is the 
alternative? To, fired by revenge, create similar havoc as your foes, thus 
adding to the misery?
To see Halabjah as a 'red herring', i.e. some demonic dream, bearing no 
relationship with reality, if you really meant it, would be cynicism
beyond belief - someone has been responsible for the unbelievably
callously inflicted crimes against humanity. But maybe you have never
seen pictures, nor films, from Halabjah, as some of us have.
You propose suggestions, how we should deal with the many ills of the world, 
such as such as disregarding sanctions. That could be one way -
but however we choose to respond to the, very serious, challenges, 
hopefully, it will be well thought out, guided by our sense of justice and 
It appears that you have been involved, since 1966, perhaps before, in 
chipping away at violations of human rights, including the inhumane, and
notorious, sanctions against Iraq. Without such, seemingly thankless,
endeavours, this planet would, surely, be an even more sorrowful place to 
inhabit.  - Greetings,   Bert Gedin.

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