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Fwd: Re: Adding to Iraqi Misery!

May I share this interesting piece, with the list, the contact was made
following 'The Guardian'/Geraldine Brooks contoversy.  B.G.

>From: Alan Bickley <>
>To: Bert Gedin <>
>Subject: Re: Adding to Iraqi Misery!
>Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2002 11:12:07 -0400
>Ms. Brooks' essay appeared in the Los Angeles Times on 6 January. Two of 
>pieces were transmitted by last autumn, and when I rebuked 
>website's editor for cluttering up bandwidth with her bloody-minded
>war-mongering, he asserted that I could not have seen her material on
>Commondreams. Brooks evidently has been currying favor with fence-sitters 
>writing lachrymose accounts of the oppression of women in the Arab world. 
>plight of women in the Arab world certainly deserves he attention of all
>right-thinking people, but surely the appropriate strategy is not bombing.
>Alan Bickley
>Westmoorings, Trinidad
>Bert Gedin wrote:
> > Typed & delivered last night (whilst burning the midnight oil!): to 'The
> > Guardian', letters page. B.G.
> >
> > Dear Sir,
> > During the Gulf War, the Iraqi people were decieved by their Western
> > friends; having first been encouraged to arise against the Iraqi regime,
> > whereupon the West turned it's back, causing untold destruction to those 
> > had folowed the clarion call. Since then, throughout some eleven years,
> > Iraqis have suffered constant low-level bombings and sanctions. Many
> > thousands have perished, not least the most vulnerable.
> > The infrastructure of Iraq is largely destroyed. A Middle East 'expert',
> > ex-correspondent for the Wall Street Journal, now advocates further 
> > against Iraq, she believes this would be (sic) helpful to the people. 
> > again, Geraldine! To 'The Guardian': Your standards are slipping!
> >
> > Sincerely,
> > Bert Gedin,
> > Birmingham, U.K.
> >
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