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RE: Halabja

Message text written by "John Smith"
>Halabja is important not just for what it confirms about the character of
the Saddam regime, but also for what it reveals about his western sponsors.
The US and UK acted to cover up the Halabja atrocity, to protect Saddam
UN censure, and - as the Scott enquiry revealed - the UK government sent
David Mellor to Baghdad to negotiate a major arms contract while the bodies
were still lying in the street.<

As the British Ambassador to Iraq at the time, my recollection is rather
different! Leaving aside the enormous difficulties of verifying at the time
either of the two conflicting versions of events, as they have been related
on this List, I accompanied David Mellor throughout his visit, which took
place in February 1988 well before Halabja, and can assure you that he did
not negotiate a major arms contract. The only really successful piece of
negotiation was to persuade Saddam Hussain to release one of our long-term
prisoners - a certain John Smith!

Terence Clark
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