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Adding to Iraqi Misery!

Typed & delivered last night (whilst burning the midnight oil!): to 'The 
Guardian', letters page. B.G.

Dear Sir,
During the Gulf War, the Iraqi people were decieved by their Western 
friends; having first been encouraged to arise against the Iraqi regime, 
whereupon the West turned it's back, causing untold destruction to those who 
had folowed the clarion call. Since then, throughout some eleven years, 
Iraqis have suffered constant low-level bombings and sanctions. Many 
thousands have perished, not least the most vulnerable.
The infrastructure of Iraq is largely destroyed. A Middle East 'expert',
ex-correspondent for the Wall Street Journal, now advocates further warfare 
against Iraq, she believes this would be (sic) helpful to the people. Think 
again, Geraldine! To 'The Guardian': Your standards are slipping!

Bert Gedin,
Birmingham, U.K.

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