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Many thanks for your comprehensive reply. Just to correct what 
you wrote in your last paragraph, I have always believed the culprits 
to be Iraq as I said in my orginal message at the bottom of this 
posting. Logic and evidence finger them but even more convincing 
was the US/UK spin and misinformation from the time. I protested 
at the time at our Government's position of defending SH and Iraq 
and find it galling when they now complain about SH's use of CW 
against civilians.

On 8 Jan 2002, at 0:36, Glen Rangwala wrote:

> Dear Mark

> So, in summary, either the atrocity at Halabja was carried out by the
> Iraqi military against their enemies - with a set of chemical
> warfare agents that they had a record of use prior to Halabja, and with
> a proven reputation for using chemical weapons in large amounts against
> civilians (the mustard gas attacks on Majnun island in September 1984 are
> estimated to have killed 40,000 people) - or by the Iranians, against
> their own allies and soldiers in an attack using chemicals that there's no
> evidence that they ever have had. If you still choose to believe the
> latter, you should be aware that the only original report I know of that
> supports your position is primarily concerned with maintaining friendly
> relations with Iraq for oil and geostrategic reasons, and shows little
> understanding of the nature of the chemical agents used in the war.
> I hope this is useful.
> Best regards
> Glen.
> On Mon, 7 Jan 2002 wrote:
> > At the time, the Kurds and human rights groups said that it was
> > Iraq. The UK & US governments were directly and indirectly
> > blaming Iran and shifting the blame away from Iraq. Again at the
> > time, I took this to be 'proof' of Iraq's guilt as the US/UK were
> > strongly supporting SH.
> >
> > It would be interesting to know the truth rather than the US/UK spin
> > and misinformation from the time.
> >
> > Mark Parkinson

Mark Parkinson

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Mark Parkinson

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