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Bomb Iraq?? are you kidding me?

In your newpaper you published this:
Even those who deplored the bombing of Afghanistan must celebrate the
re-opening of girl's schools, the restoration of personal liberties of all
kinds, and the prospect of a nation beginning to rebuild. Iraq is a far
richer country than Afghanistan, gifted with oil, water, good farmland,
scenic beauty, rare antiquities. If it were not for the bleak and terrible
regime of Saddam Hussein, it could be the showplace of the region. Now is
the time to make some belated amends for a tragic mistake. Some in the Bush
cabinet want to strike Iraq to safeguard the west from future terrorism.
That is a reason. But there is an even better one. It should be done for the
sake of the Iraqis.
Geraldine Brooks is a novelist and former Middle East correspondent for
the Wall Street Journal.
As a Texan I just had to respond to the logic of this article:
Need I remind you of the USA condemnation of the NA for "crimes against humanity" only a few short years ago when the NA was in power(statement released in 1995 by US State Department)? Need I remind you of the 50,000 people that the US State Department alleged the NA had killed from 1992-1994?  Now, Need I remind you that AI has repeatedly called for investigations concerning the mass killings perpetrated by the NA since the fall of Kabul, recently!? Need I remind you of the report on CNN only a few days ago showing fields that have been raized of their crops only to be replanted with Poppies since the NA has taken over?  Need I remind you of the millions of Afghans that are in immenent danger of starvation according to the UN?  How many thousands of civilians have died due to land mines and US Bombs (DU) in the last weeks for this Utopia?  Yes it certainly appears that the Afghans are better off. (read this as dripping with sarcasm)
Need I remind you that Iraq is a soveriegn nation that has had a western led genocidal campaign carried out against it for more than ten years!?  With well over a million civilian casualties, do you really think that more bombs, or smart sanctions for that matter are the answer?  NEXT!  (Of course America buys, what 60% of Iraq's oil?  and in attacking Iraq we can have another bomb sale for US manufacturers)
By the way, I love the authors condemnation of SH ongoing wars, who exactly armed this man throughout the eighties?  What? no condemnation for the US manufactured weapons of war.  I guess the author's ties to the wall street journal could explain that, as of course the sale of billions in weapons, including land mines that are blowing up Afghans and US forces now, are good for the sacred cow of America, the Economy.

Roger Stroope
Think Uncommon Thoughts....
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