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Re: Halabja Film in Liverpool!

Hello all,
let's talk about Halabja again. In his excellent book (in French):
"Attention Médias!" by Belgian journalist Michel Collon (subtitle:
anti-manipulation manual, ed.1992, editions EPO), there is a large piece
about this matter, and I can't find similar pieces in the CASI-list, so I'll
translate the essence here:
"according to a report, elaborated by an american commission, the Army War
College Team and the Department of US Defence, affirmatively state that
Halabja has been "gazzed" by the Iranian Army. And also the Red Cross (I 've
read this in 1990 in the newspaper) was quite sure at that time it was the
Iranian Army that used the cyanide. The Pentagon even stated that " we know
the types of gaz that are used by Iran and Iraq. Iraq doesn't use cyanide",
or something like that. The report has been resumed in the Washington Post
of 04 mai 1990.
Suddenly, all this explanations changed after the "invasion" of Kuwait. And
then it was Saddam, Saddam and Saddam who used gas. Are we all still dazed
and confused and media-manipulated? Or are we willing to see (at last) that
we must try to discover the truth after we've pushed out the
media-manipulation out of our brains? That's not too much to ask after 11
years, isn't it? Halabja has been a major argument in the debate of the
remaining of the sanctions. So, let's dig for the truth here, like we've
done with the lies of the so-called atrocities in the Kuwaiti hospitals,
lies that made the public support Desert-storm..
So, once and for all: so-called "atrocities" of Saddam were never a reason
for the Gulf-war. It was oil, oil and oil.
Dirk Adriaensens.
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