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No 10 accolades ...

The supreme accolade, coveted by journalists of integrity worldwide - 
condemnation by a government - has been bestowed by No 10 Downing Street.

In a publicity document released yesterday: 'issued by Downing Street to
mark 100 days of the "war on terrorism" ', the Independent's Robert Fisk was
cited first and second in "ten media views which have been proved wrong."
John Pilger for his Mirror articles, George Monbiot for the Guardian and
Susan Sontag in the New Yorker Magazine, included those honoured.
(Independent, 22.12.)

Their outstanding awards deserve a special noting, since one was badly
beaten, some risked their lives being vapourised by bombs dropped by their
own countries (from high in the sky - no risk to those attacking fighters on
horseback in a mediaeval land) colleagues were murdered - but they all
wrote from current or previous front line experience, most had risked their
lives on numerous occasions. Not so the MOD or DOD beaurocrats, in safe,
warm offices, far away, 'spinning'.

The 'coalition' now plans to use thermobaric bombs (sucks all the air and
lungs and organs from humans and leaves buildings intact) to 'smoke out' Bin
Laden etc., and will thus cross another rubicon and surely use them in
battered, shattered, poverty stricken Sudan, Somalia or Iraq on the '
travels against terrorism ' from safety, high in the sky.

Those honoured by Downing Street undoubtedly played a part in realities
creeping into this farcical 'war' to such an extent that an Orwellian
'Ministry of Truth' had to be established in London, Washington and
Islamabad, to explain its reasons.

Again, the wishes of so many of the beareaved, not to cause grief to others,
to examine the causes of such a mind bending tragedy,to build bridges from
their loss, have been ignored.

Congratulations to the the journalists for the honour extended to them by
the highest Office in the UK. And the most heartfelt greetings and warmth at
this time especially to all the bereaved - where ever they are.

best, friends, and compliments of the season to you all . felicity a.

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