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US- UK Representatives suspend medical contracts

Dear Glen, Per, Gabriel and others,
here's another one for you, this time from the minister of health. Iraq also states that the death toll amounts to 31, 079 people over the last three months. Why should Iraq lie about the figures? It's obvious that I' not convinced.
US- UK Representatives suspend medical contracts

Baghdad, Dec.21, INA

The US- British delegates at 661 Sanctions Committee have hindered the exportation of foodstuff and medical appliances under flimsy pretexts in an aim at causing harm to the Iraqi people.

The delegates put on hold 18 contracts in VIII, IX and X phases and all these contracts are special for spare parts for air-conditions equipment, cold rooms for keeping corpses, teeth x- ray systems, spare parts for Samara Pharmaceutical factory, anesthetization medicines, medicines for treating hypertension.

In a statement to Ina corespondent Iraq’s Minister of Health Dr. Umid Midhat Mubarak said that these medicines are a helpful factor for the health institutions to give them help in treating patients that inflict of different diseases due to the aggressive aggression launched against Iraq and using the international prohibited weapons including DU.

Dr. Mubarak said that Iraqis are continuing work under such difficult circumstances imposed by the unjust sanctions and the daily aggression and what is caused by these actions from health and environmental problems.

Health source: Death toll amounts to 31, 079 people over last three months

Baghdad, Dec. 15, INA

Iraqi Health Ministry said 31, 079 people died in Iraq over the three past months; September, October and November due to various kinds of diseases resulted from a shortage of food and medicine owing to the 11-year long unjust sanctions imposed on the country.

The Ministry, in statistics prepared by Health and Life Statistics Department, said 9, 776 people died last September, including 6, 880 under-five-year children owing to their infection in diarrhea, respiratory disorders and malnutrition, and 2, 896 above-fifty-year elderly owing to their infection in cardiac diseases, hypertension, diabetes and tumors.

It was noted that the death toll of tumor infections formed the majority because of the use of the internationally-banned weapons, including the depleted uranium-tipped shells, by US and British forces during the 30-state aggression on Iraq in 1991.

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