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Re: Sources and claims

Hello Glen, Per and all others,
Thank you all for the answers. Correct information in indispensible. Today I
found a more detailed explanation of the Iraqi minister of Trade about the
contracts on hold. Who's telling the truth?

      US, British delegates put new contracts on hold
      Baghdad, Dec.21, INA

      A source at the Ministry of Trade has declared that 2222 contracts
worth $ six billion and 362 million, Iraq signed under the ten phases of the
MOU still put on hold due to the policy of the US- British representatives
at 661 Sanctions Committee.

      In a statement to INA, Iraq's Minister of Trade Dr. Mohammed Mehdi
Saleh made it clear that that the contracts that did not get approval
distributed in 164 contracts for food sector, 256 contracts for medicine and
185 contracts for electricity sector, 262 contracts for agriculture and
irrigation sector, 157 contracts for water and sanitation, 132contracts for
education sector, 772 contracts for oil sector, 174 contracts for transport
and communications, 109 contracts for housing sector, and two contracts for
youth sector.

      Dr. Saleh said that the suspended contracts included improving water
nets and sewerage, electricity power, transport and communications,
installations for exporting oil, exporting vehicles for transmitting food
stuff, laboratory appliances for testing foodstuff, pesticides and
agricultural appliances, pumps, medicines and medical appliances, vaccines,
educational equipment and computers.

      Dr. Saleh described the behavior of the US, British delegates at 661
Sanctions Committee as a reflection to the aggressive policy against the
people of Iraq, insisting on causing harm to those innocent people through
dominating the Security Council and depriving Iraq from getting benefit of
his financial resources and affirming that the only solution is to lift
sanctions off Iraq.

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> Dear Dirk, Per, Philippa, Colin, Tim and List
> The original claim that provoked this discussion was from the Iraqi
> Minister of Transport and Communications, who said (in the article Dirk
> posted):
> "the contracts [on hold at the 661 committee] reached to 252 that worth
> $821 million".
> It's slightly unclear what he is claiming: cumulative totals since 1991
> (ie including those that have now been released) or the current amount on
> hold? From the use of the present tense in the remainder of the article,
> I presume the latter. Also, from the summation of different sectors that
> the Minister presents, we can assume that he is only talking about holds
> in the transport & communication sector.
> I've put up on the CASI site, the Office of the Iraq Program's
> sector-by-sector analysis of holds, as of 22 October 2001. It's at:
> Comparing the two claims:-
> Iraqi Minister : 252 holds worth $821m
> OIP (row 2)    : 99 holds $286m
> There's four possibilities: either the minister is discussing
> cumulative totals of holds, the majority of which have now been
> released; or he has a broader definition of what "communications and
> transport" involves than the OIP's "communications and transportation"; or
> I've misinterpreted what the table purports to show; or the minister is
> exaggerating considerably.
> I'd appreciate any clarifications to the above points.
> Regards
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