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Forwarded mail...

Dear all,

Can I bring your attention to the following action being organised by
Voices in the Wilderness UK this weekend.

Tom Sampson

Christmastime fast against sanctions and war on Iraq

6pm Sat 22 -6pm Sun 23 December 2001, opposite Downing
Street, London. Organised by Voices in the Wilderness
More info:

Milan Rai and Matt Barr, recently returned from a
sanctions-breaking delegation to Iraq, are fasting
against any new war on Iraq and for the lifting of
economic sanctions. Matt also participated last month
in the Walk for Healing and Peace from Washington DC
to New York, led by relatives of victims of 11


Dear all

Greetings from the 10th Voices in the Wilderness UK
delegation to Iraq (via Washington DC and New York)!

Matt and I will be writing more about our experiences
over the next week or so.

For now I would just say that while there are
definitely signs of an economic revival - in Baghdad -
for the upper classes, the conditions of life for most
people continue to be very grim. We saw many cases of
severe malnutrition in hospitals in Baghdad and Basra.

Our apologies to all Londoners who had been
contemplating joining us for an hour or so on
Christmas Day - we have decided to move our overnight
fast opposite Downing St forward to this weekend.

So Matt Barr and I will actually be fasting against
war and sanctions on Iraq from 6pm Sat 22 - 6pm Sun 23
December 2001. Passers-by, companions, and thermos
flasks of hot water are all very welcome!

The first and most important reason for the change in
date is that when we first had the idea
(independently!) of fasting on Christmas Day opposite
Downing Street, I got my son's permission to be away
on that day. I felt it was hard on Arkady for me to be
away in Iraq (with him worrying about bombing) and
then to be away on Christmas Day, but he agreed to
this plan at first. After some thought, though, he
changed his mind. I couldn't refuse.

Subsequently we discovered that trains don't run on
Boxing Day either, so we would both have been stranded
in London for a second day running - a realization
that would have made us change our minds all by

Once again, apologies to any Londoners who made plans
based on our earlier pronouncements!

Best wishes

Milan Rai
(pp Matt Barr)

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