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Iraq and the Future of World Oil (Fadhil Chalabi - Oct 00): Chalabi Provides Some Potential Projection Estimates

Source: Fadhil J. Chalabi, "Iraq and the Future of World Oil", Middle East
Policy, Vol. VII, No. 4, October 2000,



Iraq's dormant oil potential is so huge that once it is activated and
released it could cause drastic changes in world oil and energy politics.
Iraq's present recoverable reserves, amounting to 112 billion barrels (bbl),
are more than enough to sustain production at Iraq's pre-U.N.-sanctions
levels for over 100 years.  But this is not all.  A very in-depth study
undertaken by the Centre for Global Energy Studies (CGES) tries to prove
that reserves yet to be discovered exceed those known to be recoverable.
Accordingly, a totally rehabilitated and sanctions-free Iraq could expand
its production capacity way beyond 8 million barrels per day (mb/d), easily
reaching 10 mb/d, and theoretically even 12 mb/d under certain conditions,
when U.N. sanctions are lifted or Iraq is allowed to develop oil under
Security Council resolution 1284.


Please note that you may find an overview of the aforementioned Centre for
Global Energy Studies (CGES) report at  The
report is approximately 800 text pages and includes 228 maps, figures and
charts.  This CGES report costs $52,000.

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