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Re: War against Iraq: yes and no !!

Has anyone seen any other source on the bit below posted earlier?
"DEBKA file's military sources" are usually heavily medicated. 

>DEBKAfile’s military sources report  key American military movements in the
>last two weeks in the Indian Ocean,  Persian Gulf and Middle East that
>radically shift the strategic focus of the US  war on terror westward,
>bringing Iraq, Lebanon and its Syrian-controlled Beqaa  Valley into range. 
>The US aircraft  carrier Kitty Hawk is heading out of the Arabian Sea, its
>task in Afghanistan as  a floating command center for air and marine forces
>passing to Kuwait and  combining with the Third Army command that is moving
>out of Atlanta, Georgia.   The 70,000-strong  US Third Army is being
>transferred to Kuwait with several hundred Abrams and  Bradley tanks. This
>relocation of strength ought to be wound up in early  January.  Third Army
>units  will be taking up positions at additional points in the Middle East.
>Elements of  its elite 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions will be posted in
>US bases in  Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, centering on the giant Sharm
>el-Sheikh air base at the  southern tip of Sinai, with the northern Red
>Sea, western Saudi Arabia and  southern Jordan in its sights. Reserves of
>those two Third Army divisions are on  notice to report after New Year’s
>Day for duty in Sharm el-Sheikh.  The action is  tentatively scheduled for

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