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Re: Whose War?

Dear Philippa

In response to your query:

> I've been looking for the official Israeli policy on
> sanctions, does anyone have it? Philippa Winkler

It is true that Israel's leaders don't seem to comment much on Iraq. My
guess is that the US has made it clear that statements from Israel would be
counterproductive in maintaining any residual Gulf sympathy for sanctions;
in this regard, things have not changed much since 1991. You could always
look at unofficial sources, as the article you circulated demonstrates; a
further unofficial source would be the American Israel Public Affairs
especially the AIPAC sponsored letter of May 2000 to Clinton; text is
I hardly need to add that the text of the letter is full of simple
factual inaccuracies.

However, there have been occasional statements by Israeli leaders. Here's
three. The first is as near as I've seen to a statement of Israeli policy.
Apart from that, they're not particularly instructive.

Prime Minister Rabin, 14 August 1994: "We support the policy of President
Clinton and the policy of sanctions against Iraq in order to change its
behavior... we line up with the United States and the other developed
nations to bring Iraq to change its policies."

Speech by Mr. Jeremy Issacharoff, Representative of Israel to the first
Committee, head of Regional Security and Arms Control, Ministry of Foreign
Affairs Jerusalem (13 October 2000): "Israel is profoundly concerned about
the present situation with regard to Iraq and the lack of any monitoring
and inspection mechanism in that country for the last two years. Saddam
Hussein has not changed and he continues to constitute a real threat to
his neighbours and the region. The United Nations bears a critical
responsibility to the countries of the Middle East to ensure that Iraq is
disarmed of all its WMD and missile capabilities in accordance with the
relevant Security Council resolutions."

Speech by Prime Murderer Ariel Sharon, 19 March 2001, to AIPAC: "Iraq has
not been under UN monitoring for more than two years and sanctions have
been increasingly ignored. There can be no doubt that Saddam Hussein is
seeking to restore his mass destruction weapons capability and his quest
for long-range missiles."

Sorry about not being able to provide more details; if you find further,
please let me know.

Glen Rangwala.

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