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re: [1] American media on Iraq [2] Iraq's calutrons

Hello, all. In response to Colin's responses:

1. Garfield's numbers were definitely reported in the newspaper in early 
98. Perhaps he didn't actually publish the paper until later -- I didn't 
check that, since the newspaper coverage was what mattered. I guess I 
assumed the paper came out before the newspaper coverage, but that's of 
course not always the case.

2. My intention was to show that the initial revelations were not covered, 
not to look at coverage of the subsequent release. Since Tom first brought 
it to the attention of people early in 2000, I chose 2000. However, given 
that I only saw it in October 2000, I probably should have included the 
first several months of 2001. Good point.

3. I didn't want to go into detail about what the 1051 list is, so I used 
the phrase "in practice." My understanding is that the U.S. representative 
has for years treated the 1051 list as a list of banned items, even though 
it's not intended to be.

An embarrassing slip Colin didn't mention -- I pulled the Albright quote 
from someone's website, and didn't note that the text said "U.S. sanctions" 
instead of "U.N. sanctions." Oddly, someone has already written to me to 
point that out.

Thanks for the praise, Colin.

In solidarity,

Rahul Mahajan

>Thanks Drew,
>A few brief comments on Rahul's excellent piece:
> > There has also been an attempt to seize on the lowest possible numbers. In
>early 1998,
> > Columbia University's Richard Garfield published a dramatically lower
>estimate of 106,000 to
> > 227,000 children under five dead due to sanctions, which was reported in
>many papers (e.g.
> > New Orleans Times-Picayune, 2/15/98).
>I think that this should be "1999", not "1998".  CASI's version of his
>paper, with a link to the original, is at
> > A Dow Jones search for 2000 finds only one mention of this evidence in an
>American paper--and
> > that in a letter to the editor (Austin American-Statesman, 10/01/00).
>A more interesting search might include 2001.  While the document mentioned
>has been circulating for many years now, it's only this year that Tom Nagy
>has been promoting it.
> > and the fact that, until this summer, vaccines for common infectious
>diseases were on the
> > so-called "1051 list" of substances in practice banned from entering Iraq.
>Items on the "1051 list" are not banned from entering Iraq.  The 1051 lists
>were originally established as a notification procedure for UN weapons
>inspectors in Iraq: if a 1051 contract was approved by the Sanctions
>Committee, they would be informed that something was coming into the country
>that they should look at.
>Since the inspections' end in December 1998, the practice has changed
>slightly, with the Sanctions Committee demanding more assurances about the
>end use of the items in question.  "In practice", I suspect that this has
>amounted to an implicit ban on certain items but, in the case of the
>vaccines, the hold on them was released earlier in the year, before the
>"1051 lists" were amended.
>I hope that these comments don't seem too denting.  I think that his article
>is absolutely correct in its emphasis, and well very researched.
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This is a discussion list run by the Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq
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