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Iraqi reaction to the extention of the oil-for-food programme

Hello all,
here is a reaction to the extention of the oil-for-food program for the next 6 months, written by Nasra Al Sadoon, chief editor of the Iraq daily (previously known as the "Baghdad Observer". I found the article at
Dirk Adriaensens.
UNSC contradiction continues

Nasra Al-Sadoon

AS a routine procedure, the Security Council met, decided and announced, “Recalling its previous relevant resolutions… as they relate to the improvement of the humanitarian program for Iraq…” As if mentioning the magic word (humanitarian) is enough to solve the humanitarian problems created by the same Security Council resolutions.

As usual, the Security Council (revises) its previous resolutions, but continues to intentionally ignore the real results of the said resolutions.

The double standard, rhetoric and ambiguous language of the Security Council has been used for more than eleven years to kill more and more Iraqis. Here in Iraq, they are not mere words or political maneuvers, but real facts of death, suffering and recession.

Another Security Council resolution was passed against Iraq. Another political deal was struck among the permanent members of the Security Council while Iraqi lives are the real price paid for this deal. And still the Security Council speaks of (humanitarian needs of Iraqi people). The SC humanitarian words would not bring back the beloved who died as direct result of UNSC Sanctions, nor ease the suffering caused by these sanctions.

Among the permanent five at the Security Council, hidden deals are struck, interests exchanged and the tragedy in Iraq continues to claim thousands of lives every month.

The preamble of this new resolution says, “Convinced of the need as a temporary measure to continue to provide for the civilian needs of the Iraqi people….”. This temporary measure has been going on for years. The real reason for imposing sanctions is long forgotten, new demands, new conditions are being created by one or the other of the five permanent members so as to perpetuate the sanctions imposed eleven years ago against Iraq, and more than ten years the reasons were ended.

If the oil for food deal has created new interests for some parties, that they are pressuring to prolong this deal indefinitely, they should reconsider their positions. Participating in the crime of perpetuating the mass murder of Iraqis in the name of the world community, they have to think again. The ‘price’ that Mad Albright thinks, is worth it, is Iraqi lives, mostly children.

Those who participate, directly or indirectly, in the genocide perpetrated against Iraqis will be sorry for the position taken. If Iraq has accorded contracts to some, these same contracts could be withdrawn for the same reasons they were granted. Iraqi lives are not counted with US dollars of gain but their worth is much higher.


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