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mission to iraq 10/4-27/4/2002

Dear all,
Belgian, Dutch and French anti-embargo activists and medical personnel had planned a solidarity travel/medical mission to Iraq. We had an agreement with the ministry of health an the Iraqi organisation for friendship, peace and solidarity, to organise a conference on the subject of the effects of DU. But the trip in november didn't go through, because of the events on 11/9 . So we postponed our mission until 10 april-27 april 2002.
Our mission has two parts: a) a humanitarian/cultural visit
                                        b) a scientific mission (with lectures for medical specialists in Iraqi hospitals, and a conference on the effects of DU).
A Belgian television-team will accompany us.
If we have enough people to come with us, we can hire a plane that can take us straight from Damas to Baghdad.
So here is my question to you English, German, Italian, Spanish etc.. anti-embargo activists, or interested people to go to Iraq: wouldn't it be great if there should be a European delegation of interested people, and scientists, to go to Iraq? Wouldn't it be great if we joined forces and go to Iraq together?
If you're interested, let me know. (do have a look at our website
Dirk Adriaensens.

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