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Re: The Independent: Article on depleted uranium in Basra

With regard to the actions of the Sanctions Committee Dirk wrote that:

>I was in Iraq during the month of july 2001, leading a solidarity
>delegation. We also met with Dr Amer of the Basra teaching hospital. I was
>very impressed by the things he said ... I had the impression that this Dr
>Amer was fully aware of what was going on in the sanctions Committee,
>because he saw the consequences in the health
>sector: Allocated amount: 2.861,90 million $, cost of materials that
>Iraq: 991,20 million $ (between 26/12/96 and 2/5/2001), that is 34,6%. All
>the rest in "on hold" by the sanctions committee.

I'm sure this last claim is false and would be interested to know the

As at October 31 the UN had received some $2,741 bn worth of contracts for
the health sector. Of these, $1,709 bn worth had been approved by the
Sanctions Committee, $487 mn had gone through on the 'fast track' and $398
mn had been placed 'on hold.' $1,488.8 bn worth of these goods had actually
arrived in Iraq (figures taken 'Basic Figures' on the OIP web-site:

Since not all shortages are the result of 'holds' in the Sanctions
Committee, *by themselves* these shortages indicate very little about what's
happening in the Committee.

Some of the other reasons for shortages were outlined in the
Secretary-General's May 2001 report which noted that the 'shortages of drugs
and hospital equipment still being reported' at that time were 'attributable
to the late and inadequate contracting in respect of drugs and, until
recently, vaccines, as well as holds placed on applications in respect of
hospital equipment such as autoclaves.'

Best wishes,

voices uk

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