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FAS back - freedom, truth and security

Good news - the FAS (Federation of American Scientists) weapons
files are back this morning (Dec 5) after being closed on Dec 3.
Perhaps the Christian Science Monitor article on Monday helped see
together with Internet protests. 
Public and press vigilance for freedom issues is alive and well,
and increasingly alert at this time as anti-terrorism measures mix
the prudent with over-zealous and potentially sinister.  This seems
to be a kind of active freedom that we have to shout for when it is
threatened - no room for complacency.   
One thing the FAS incident has done is encourage me to visit their
other sections on secrecy, responsibility etc.  Links from their home
page at  These are well worth checking.
The links re DU are mostly back at:
except Chapter 2 on health effects.
The links re smart (guided) weapons systems are back from the index
This includes links to all the hard target systems that use advanced
penetrators with the dense metal that the UK and US governments 
still decline to identify and which I suspect may be, or include depleted
uranium.  See GBU-24, 28, 32, 37  and AGM-86C/D, 154C, 65G etc.
and links in my reports about suspected use of DU in the Afghan war.
Freedom of the Net is becoming an issue like freedom of the press.
Freedom with responsibility perhaps. But a freedom to use and defend.
Thank you FAS. Thank you Internet lists for supporting them.
Dai Williams, UK

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