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RE: 2 articles + request for info

> I would also like to take this opportunity to ask if anyone can
> help me with the following. I need to find an impartial
> organisation which acknowledges that medicines are difficult to
> get in northern Iraq (in Sulamayna, Kurdistan, to be specific)
> and even more difficult to store. Some medicines, such as insulin
> for diabetes patients, need to be kept in refrigerators, but with
> electricity cuts occurring every now and then, this causes a
> serious problem to diabetes patients.

Hi Salwa,

In some ways the natural place to start would be with the WHO and Unicef.
These two agencies are both involved in medical affairs in Iraqi Kurdistan.
See, for example, the Phase X distribution plan for medicine:  More generally,
though, medical supplies purchased for Iraqi Kurdistan under "oil for food"
are purchased in bulk by the Iraqi government in Baghdad. (The UN agencies
either submit or accept the proposed purchases for Iraqi Kurdistan.  This
led to some problems when six Russian ambulances were ordered under the bulk
arrangement for Halabja.  Not suited for the more mountainous terrain, five
had broken down "irreparably" within the month.)

The WHO's Iraq page
o) lists as the contact address for its Department of Emergency
and Humanitarian Action, which maintains the page.  This may be as good a
place to start as any.

Unicef's media office can be reached at  This is the
contact address listed at the bottom of their 1999 press release on child
mortality in Iraq (

There are also a range of charities and NGOs working in Iraqi Kurdistan who
might be able to provide some insight into the situation.  CASI's website
has a list of those registered in the UK at  Save the Children
might be the best of these to contact as they are the largest.

Please let us know what you find.


Colin Rowat

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