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From Ground Zero to Baghdad


Where: Downing Street
When: 12 noon, tomorrow (Friday, 23rd November).

This December two British anti-sanctions activists will be taking part in a
sanctions-breaking delegation to Iraq, despite the risk of US/UK military
strikes. Prior to this the delegates will be flying to the US to take part
in a 'Walk for Healing and Peace' from Washington DC to Ground Zero in New

One of the delegates, Matt Barr, will be flying out to Washington this
Saturday (24th November) and will be handing in a statement of intent at
Downing Street, tomorrow (23rd November) at 12 noon. PLEASE COME AND SUPPORT
HIM IF YOU ARE ABLE TO. He will be joined by Milan Rai early next month.

Matt Barr: 'I still am very fearful about going, and will be throughout the
delegation, I am sure. But my willingness and determination to do this burns
so much brighter than my fears that I feel as though I have to follow my
heart and stand up for what I believe in.'

Milan Rai: 'As a father, having seen tiny children suffering and dying in
Iraq because of economic sanctions, I cannot stand by. I feel I have
responsibilities for other children as well as to my own.'

PUBLIC MEETING: Matt and Mil report back at 7.30pm on Tuesday 18th December
at the Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London WC1 (nearest tube Holborn).

According to UNICEF, economic sanctions have contributed to the deaths of
500,000 Iraqi children. voices in the wilderness uk campaigns for the
immediate and unconditional lifting of the economic sanctions on Iraq, and
opposes military retaliation for the terrorist attacks of September 11.
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