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fuel air bombs used in the war

Memo from Desert Concerns
Contact: Daniel Robicheau,

      For all those who are concerned about the type of weaponry used in the 
brutal and sustained five week bombardment of Afghanistan, the Washington Post 
reported on 11/6 that two BLU-82 bombs were dropped on this already devastated 
people and country. The Federation of Atomic Scientists when accessed as a 
website provides details of this "fuel air explosive" (FAE)15,000 pound bomb. 
An aerosol spray of fuel from the bomb is released into the air and ignited 
near to ground level, resulting in a fireball explosion that has been 
described as similar in its flash to a mini-nuclear bomb explosion. FAEs were 
used in the US-led war with Iraq and the war against Vietnam.
      Efforts are still underway to ban FAEs from usage in warfare, along with 
cluster bombs, depleted uranium weapons, and other weapons systems. Impacts of 
these weapons are being documented for a UN report at the Sub-Commission for 
the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights scheduled to be presented March 

      Spread the message that the BLU-82 has been used. Usage of the BLU-82 is 
the precursor to the next weapon that may be used...the bunker-busting nuclear 
weapons(e.g., .2 k-tons and up). Find a picture of the BLU-82 and let everyone 
know what atrocity-weapons are being used by the US military in Afghanistan. 
Spread this message and voice our anger and horror at the use of the BLU-82 as 
the next escalation in the continous aerial bombardment of Afghanistan. DU is 
one weapons system among others that is being used experimentally on people 
around the world.
      Now, a 15,000 pound weapon of tremendous destructive capability is being 
unleashed by those who profit from the arms industry. The next step is to 
organize an international war-of-genocide tribunal against US military rulers 
and the Bush Administration. Daniel Robicheau of Desert Concerns.

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