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Catholic Parallel to anti-Muslim attacks

Ghazwan's tongue-in-cheek comments are sadly not as fictional as we would
like.  Despite the strong opposition of Irish mainstream and Catholic groups
against terrorism, there has been a tradition of unlawful killings, bombings
and other crimes by groups closely associated with - if not actually working
for - British security services.  The most publicised include the
Livingstone brothers, Captain Holroyd, Colin Wallace and Brian Nelson.  

Following revelations from former British counter-insurgency activists, the
Irish government established a judicial tribunal to inquire into the Dublin
and Monaghan bombings in which 33 people were killed.  It is widely believed
that at least rogue British officers were implicated in these offences.  The
investigating authorities particularly wish to interview a colonel who
apparently is now Britain's expert on Osama bin Laden (see Phoenix magazine,
9th Nov. 2001)!  Neither this colonel nor Britain's leading expert on
special operations have cooperated with the inquiry, according to press
sources reporting on the judicial tribunal.  


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