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RE: evidence that US/UK targetted Iraq's water supply?

Also see some material at

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At 15:56 05/11/2001 -0600, Hamre, Drew wrote:

>Hi Fay,
>The Sunday Herald article cited by Reese was written by journalist (and 
>CASI member) Felicity Arbuthnot.  Felicity, in turn, cited a partially 
>declassified US document uncovered by CASI member (and Georgetown U 
>professor) Tom Nagy.
>Tom's latest writeup appeared in The Progressive, and was posted to 
>CASI.  See 
>You may also wish to see 
>BTW, I would take with a grain of salt any inference that the U.S. is 
>targeting dams in Afghanistan.  I vaguely recall reading in "The General's 
>War" that -- when selecting targets for the Gulf War -- the purposeful 
>targeting of dams was recognized by U.S. military planners to be a war 
>crime. They were therefore avoided.
>Of course, no such prohibition attaches itself to attacking power 
>distribution systems, often the key component of sanitary infrastrucure 
>and the destruction of which can yield equally dire results.
>Drew Hamre
>Golden Valley, MN USA
>-----Original Message-----
>From: F.Dowker
>Sent: 11/5/2001 2:47 PM
>Subject: evidence that US/UK targetted Iraq's water supply?
>Dear CASI list,
>I need help locating evidence that the US/UK targetted Iraq's
>water system, for a piece I'm writing ``The Real Bioterrorism''.
>I found this old message from the list, but can anyone point me
>to the original sources or other sources?  Thanks.
>I noticed, by the way, a single sentence ``The Taliban claimed
>the US bombed a dam'' a few days ago. So with the destruction of
>whatever frail power generating capability Afghanistan had, we're
>watching the same crimes again.
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