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RE: evidence that US/UK targetted Iraq's water supply?

Title: RE: evidence that US/UK targetted Iraq's water supply?

Hi Fay,

The Sunday Herald article cited by Reese was written by journalist (and CASI member) Felicity Arbuthnot.  Felicity, in turn, cited a partially declassified US document uncovered by CASI member (and Georgetown U professor) Tom Nagy.

Tom's latest writeup appeared in The Progressive, and was posted to CASI.  See <>.

You may also wish to see <>.

BTW, I would take with a grain of salt any inference that the U.S. is targeting dams in Afghanistan.  I vaguely recall reading in "The General's War" that -- when selecting targets for the Gulf War -- the purposeful targeting of dams was recognized by U.S. military planners to be a war crime. They were therefore avoided.

Of course, no such prohibition attaches itself to attacking power distribution systems, often the key component of sanitary infrastrucure and the destruction of which can yield equally dire results.

Drew Hamre
Golden Valley, MN USA

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From: F.Dowker
Sent: 11/5/2001 2:47 PM
Subject: evidence that US/UK targetted Iraq's water supply?

Dear CASI list,
I need help locating evidence that the US/UK targetted Iraq's
water system, for a piece I'm writing ``The Real Bioterrorism''.
I found this old message from the list, but can anyone point me
to the original sources or other sources?  Thanks.
I noticed, by the way, a single sentence ``The Taliban claimed
the US bombed a dam'' a few days ago. So with the destruction of
whatever frail power generating capability Afghanistan had, we're
watching the same crimes again.

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