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Annan: Respond to 11 Sept. by "by reaffirming the rule of law" (24 Sep 01)

Source: Secretary-General Kofi Annan, speech to General Assembly,
SG/SM/7965, 24 September 2001,


...It was not only an attack on our innocent fellow citizens - well over 60
Member States are affected, including, I am sad to say, my own country -
but an attack on our shared values.

It struck at everything this Organization stands for:  peace, freedom,
tolerance, human rights, and the very idea of a united human family.

It struck at all our efforts to create a true international society, based
on the rule of law.

Let us respond by reaffirming, with all our strength, our common humanity
and the values that we share.  We shall not allow them to be overthrown.

...Finally, the attack of 11 September was an attack on the rule of law -
that is, on the very principle that enables nations and individuals to live
together in peace, by following agreed rules and settling their disputes
through agreed procedures.

So let us respond by reaffirming the rule of law, on the international as
well as the national levels.

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