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56% of Polled Americans: "U.S. Should Expand the War on Terrorism and Go After Saddam Hussein" ("strongly agree")

Apologies for the re-post.  In the first copy the full question was

Full question: "Do you strongly agree, somewhat agree, somewhat disagree or
strongly disagree that the U.S. should expand the war on terrorism and go
after Saddam Hussein?"

Note: I have a copy of the full polling data.  Please do let me know if
you'd like to receive it as an attached jpeg file.

- Nathaniel


Released: October 25, 2001

New Reuters/Zogby poll reveals: Most Americans want to go after Saddam
Hussein; Strong overall approval, confidence in President Bush; Majority
says air security is responsibility of the federal government; Nearly 1 in 5
say country unprepared for germ warfare attack

Americans strongly agree that the U.S. should expand the war on terrorism
and go after Iraqi leader, Saddam Hussein, a new Reuters/Zogby Poll reveals.

The poll of 1,023 registered voters nationwide conducted October 23-24,
shows that a majority (56%) “strongly agrees” that the U.S. should pursue
Saddam Hussein, while 18% “somewhat agree.”  Included are majorities of
Democrats (69% agree, 28% disagree), Republicans (83% agree, 14% disagree)
and Independents (71% agree, 26% disagree).  At the same time 12% “somewhat
disagree” and 10% “strongly disagree,” while 4% remain unsure.

The nationwide poll has an error margin of +/-3.2%.

President Bush’s overall job performance rating remains strong with 78%
showing a positive rating and 20% negative.  In addition, confidence in
President Bush’s handling of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center
and the Pentagon also remains high with 85% showing a positive response and
13% negative.  Again, in his overall ability to handle this crisis, 75% are
confident in his ability, compared to 17% who say they are a little nervous,
and 7% who say they are very nervous.

Respondents overwhelmingly agree (77%) that the Federal Government has taken
adequate measures to protect public safety at U.S. airports.  Seven in ten
(70%) also agree that hiring security staff at U.S. airports should be a
responsibility of the Federal government - in agreement are 75% of
Democrats, 63% of Republicans and 71% of Independents.  Overall, one in four
(25%) feel hiring security is the responsibility of a private agency.

While 5% feel it would be an impossible accomplishment if terrorists decided
to hijack U.S. planes again, at the same time, 24% say it would be very
difficult, 49% somewhat difficult, 14% somewhat easy and 6% say it would be
a very easy accomplishment.

More than three in five (63%) agree that the federal government has taken
adequate precautions to protect the public from biological terrorism.
Another 34% disagrees.  At the same time, 8% say the U.S. is not at all
prepared to withstand a germ warfare attack and 64% say the U.S. is somewhat
prepared – 12% say we are very well prepared while 5% say we are extremely
well prepared.

In the ability of state and federal authorities to prepare for or guard
against such an attack, 8% rate them as extremely well, 26% say very well,
50% say fair and 13% say they are poorly prepared.


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