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RE: going... going... gone--hope from Montana and all over

Dear Colleagues,

     Surely it is reasonable at times  to feel the full measure futility   as 
the media and the government wants us to feel

     I feel, however,  that it is our duty to continue to struggle against the 
wars of faithful lapdogs of empire  Bush and  Blair. Though these war mongers  
revel in their aliance with wealth and  weapons, the war mongers and their 
minions are few and their propaganda is thin while we are many and our case is 

    The mainstream media despeartely requires that we  believe resistance is 
both futile and  isolated. As an antidote, I start the day by going to to discover how people around the world  are resisting 
the orthodox maddness. I am heartened with the scope and depth of resistance 
from unlikely  places such as  Montana.  I am encourgaged that a teacher from 
Pennsylvania has written  me about a student who refuses to take the "Pledge 
of Allegence" because of U.S. crimes against the children of Iraq. Even here 
in the belly of the beast, Washington, D.C., thousands have marched against 
the war. In London, the turnout was even better.

    We can exercise control over the content of our consciousness. Or,  we can 
watch TV and dull our critical facilities or we can go to the best of the 
websites and learn from each other and reinforce each other's actions.

    I'm eager to learn how other people are coping with the crisis. The lives 
of the children of Afghanistan and Iraq (and ultimately the lives of our own 
children) hang in the balance.


P.s. In the U.S. a large student antiwar movement is mobilizing and has 
already held antiwar actions on over 140 campuses. Nothing of this sort 
occurred during the war against Vietnam until years into that crime.

>===== Original Message From Salwa de Vree <> =====
>Dear Casi Colleagues,
>What are we doing? Sending eachother emails about an imminent war on Iraq; 
being so well informed; writing letters & articles; and taking to the streets? 
And all for what? Will it prevent Bush and his cronies from going ahead with 
their war on Iraq anyway? No! We - the people - couldn't stop it from 
happening in Afghanistan. While we are busy reading, writing and sending 
articles, the wealthiest nation in the world continues to pound the poorest 
nation in the world. And we continue to read, write and send, and demonstrate. 
It's futile. Iraq is next and we cannot stop it. Or can we? Can we? I am at a 
loss. All I know is that I cannot read another futile word or see another 
futile demonstration.
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This is a discussion list run by the Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq
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